she's like heroin

Blackleg. 27. German. She...

Random questions

001. What is your name? Christine
002. Spell your name backwards: Enitsirhc
003. Date of birth: March 3rd, 1988
004. Male or female? female
005. Astrological sign: Pisces
006. Nicknames: Chrissi, Chrissali, Sali, Blackleg, Blacky
007. Hair color: brown, but mostly dyed red
008. Where were you born? Bavaria, Germany
009. Where do you reside now? also Bavaria, Germany
010. Age: 27
011. Screen names: Blackleg/Blacky
012. E-mail address: blacky (at)
013. What does your screen name stand for: "Black Leg" is Sanjis Wanted-nickname given by the marines. I love One Piece, I love Sanji-kun and I wanted some special name that's why I chose this one.
015. What kind of pets do you have? none, unfortunately
016. Piercings? none
017. Tattoos? eight right now
018. Shoe size? 5,5; 38
019. Righty or lefty? lefty
020. Wearing: blacky skinny jeans, white tanktop
021. Hearing: HYUN A - A better day
022. Feeling: excited and anxious at the same time
023. Reading: a book about Online Marketing